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PPC Company in Ahmedabad

Elaviso is a PPC company in Ahmedabad.Our seasoned analysts ensure that your brand achieves optimum returns from its paid advertising investment. Taking a 360-degree approach to online marketing, we focus on optimizing your key areas of competitive advantage first.
PPC or Pay Per Click advertising allows businesses to place ads in search engines and make them appear on the relevant search results when customers are actively looking for your products and services. PPC has the ability to outrank organic search results by giving businesses the opportunity to lure potential customers from their competitors.
We have a specialist team standing by to take your PPC campaign to the next level by conducting the necessary research on your business industry, competitors and the keywords that your potential customers are searching for. After all the information is gathered, our PPC experts will execute, monitor and enhance your campaign to achieve your advertising objective.

What is Pay Per Click ?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is simply bidding on keywords that a potential customer will search for, and placing an ad on the top of search engines. The best part of PPC advertising is that you only pay when someone actually clicks through to your website, not for every time your ads are shown on search engines. This sounds great right? But you have to do a lot of research about keywords and bids, analyse your competitors, write converting ad copies and much more in order to run an effective PPC campaign.
This might sound like a complicated process, and it is, but you don’t have to hassle with this yourself as this is why we are here, to do all that is necessary on your behalf.



If You Are Looking For A Digital Marketing Agency In Ahmedabad With A Team Of Creative Experts To Manage Your Online Advertising Campaigns Or Strategy, Then Why Not Work With A Passionate Team Of Elaviso.

Call us : +91 9898 83 1486

E-mail : hello@elaviso.in

Frequently Asked Questions - PPC

A paid online advertising strategy, pay-per-click advertising allows your business to place ads across the web. You can promote your company in search results, on websites, and even on social media platforms. PPC ads can feature text, images, and even video.

You can advertise across the Internet with PPC ads.

  • Search results
  • Third-party websites
  • Social media

When advertising online, most businesses will focus on specific platforms, like:


If you’re creating a PPC campaign, you want to focus your efforts on the most valuable channels for your business.


Ads that appear in search results earn more than 45% of page clicks.

Even better, people who click on ads are twice as likely to buy a product or service than an organic visitor, or someone who visits your site without clicking on an ad. With PPC ads, you can reach people looking to buy, which can make an immediate impact on your sales numbers.

Not to mention, PPC ads also deliver an average return on investment (ROI) of $2 for every $1 invested. If you’re advertising with Google Ads, that amount increases to $8. People not only click on online ads but also act on them, like by making a purchase.

This depends on your individual business circumstances of course, however, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising should work for almost every industry or business sector. If you offer products or services that people are likely to search for, then PPC will be right for your business in some shape or form.

PPC advertising is an effective way of driving traffic to your website instantly. Organic search can take some time and is a longer-term search strategy, so if you want to start generating more website traffic and leads quickly, then paying for a search engine advert through PPC is the best way to achieve this.

Once the campaign is setup and ready to go, it will need to go through a review process which shouldn’t take more than an hour. Once it has passed the review process, the campaign will be live and you will start driving traffic to your website. We will be able to tell within the first week whether or not the campaign is working for you.

Benefits of PPC

>> PPC ads reach audiences cost-effectively.

>> PPC ads provide instant traffic.

>> PPC ads drive Hot leads.

>> PPC user data helps your SEO strategy.

>> PPC ads offer multi-layered targeting options.

>> Improves your conversion rate.

Elaviso Helps You in

 >> Shopping Advertisement.

>> PPC Audit.

>> PPC Consulting.

>> Google Adwords.

>>Bing Ads.

>> Remarketing.

>> Paid Promotions.

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